Nowshahr City


Nowshahr City



Lovely city at Iran

Nowshahr is a port city in Mazandaran Province, which was considered the unofficial summer capital of Iran during the reign of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (1919- 1980) as most high-level government officials lived and worked there during the summer.  The city borders the Caspian Sea in the north, the Alborz Mountains in the south, Nour in the east and Chalous in the west. Nowshahr has humid subtropical climate with warm summers and cool, humid winters. The old name of this city was Sang Tajan. In the Qajar era (1781–1925) as commercial ships docked there, its economy flourished and it became an important point for trade with Russia. During this time, a nobleman named Habibollah Khan took interest in this small town and initiated developing the city which became known as Habib Abad after its benefactor. In 1318, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty Reza Shah (1878-1944) began the construction of a port, supervised development projects in the city and renamed it Nowshahr.



In Nowshahr, the summers are hot, muggy, dry, and clear and the winters are cold and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 43°F to 88°F and is rarely below 35°F or above 92°F.

Famous Places

Kandolus Village:
Kandolous village with a history of four thousand years is located in Alborz Mountains and in the province of Mazandaran. Kondolous village is rightfully one of the most beautiful and clean villages of Iran which shines like a pearl in the heart of the beautiful nature of northern Alborz. One of the attractions of this area is the anthropology museum and phytology museum of Kondolous which gives us very interesting and beneficial information about the ancient history and the mystical civilization of this land. Among the handicrafts of this village, we can point to Jajim, Izar (handwoven tiled woolen cloth), sock, glove and woolen floral blouse and felting.

Div Cheshmeh:

In Kojour district of Nowshahr in Mazandarn province, there is a fresh water spring called “Div Cheshmeh” (Ogre spring), a fresh water springing out from the heart of the ground. The stone aperture from where water springs out is open like the mouth of an ogre, but instead of fire, fresh water comes out of it. This beautiful and attractive spring was called the great spring or Div Cheshmeh since old times for its plenty and fresh water.

Sisangan Forest Park:

Sisangan forest park is one of the eldest and most beautiful forest parks of northern Iran. The beautiful beach, various plant species, existence of welfare facilities and forest paths have turned this park into one of the important centers of traveler attraction in the north of the country. Sisangan forest park is one of the best and most valuable forests of the north of Iran which a part is kept as reserve and the rest is promenade. Nowshahr’s Sisangan forest park and beach was designed and established in 1965 by Engr. Saeedi Ashtiani. In addition to touristic attractions, this park seriously pursues the policy of preserving and maintaining the rare and preserved species of Ash plant. Sisangan forest park is the only large and unique reservoir of Ash across Middle East.

Ghost Lake:

Mamraz Lake, also known as Arvah (Ghosts) Lake, is located 5 kilometers Vanosh Village in the Central District of Nowshahr County, Mazandaran Province. The lake lies in the middle of the broad-leaved dense forest in Molakola District. The lake is 700 meters long and 300 meters wide. There are dried trees in the lake that create as spectacular scenery. Arvah Lake stands in a completely virgin place passing through which the visitors may be faced with wild animals.

Gerdu Spring:
Gerdu (walnut) spring is the name of a clear spring with much water located in the five kilometer distance of Nowshahr in Mazandaran province and in a neighborhood called Sang-e Tajan village (the oldest name of Nowshahr town). This spring is the most succulent spring of the western district of Mazandaran and hosts many travelers every year from different regions of the country. This spring provides the water of the two towns of Nowshahr and Chalus and also provides the water of the neighboring villages.

Khizr Nabi Lake:
Khizr Nabi Lake is located in the north of Nowshahr town and in the heart of forest and local residents believe that it has a religious sanctity. Its area is less than half a hectare, its depth is approximately 5 meters and it has a sweet water.

Chalandar Waterfal:
Chalandar Waterfall is located 18 kilometers from Nowshahr on the road to Nour and between Nowshahr and Sisangan Forest Park. The waterfall is located in the forest surrounding Chalandar Village.

Avidar Embankment Dam Lake:
This lake is located 30 kilometers east of Nowshahr close to the Sisangan Forest Park. The beautiful nature surrounding this lake attracts many visitors every year.